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Bulgaria hotels Ravda property for sale in BulgariaSitting snugly in the centre of this beautiful area and right alongside the ancient settlement of Nesebar, Ravda lies just 16km from Burgas airport and 6km from the main resort of Sunny Beach. The first tourist developments in Ravda started in 1958 and, today, visitors can enjoy a wide and varied selection of holiday options ranging from small family apartments to luxury hotel complexes. With its two sweeping, sandy bays separated by the old fishing pier … its tree-lined streets bustling with café-bars, restaurants, amusement arcades and souvenir shops … its narrow, twisting alleyways meandering down to the beach … and, above all, its heady Mediterranean ambience, Ravda offers its visitors an exciting, invigorating but totally relaxed holiday experience - which perhaps explains the local folk-lore claim that everybody who visits Ravda will one day return …