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Bulgaria hotels Nesebar property for sale in BulgariaThe town of Nessebar (about 10 000 inhabitants) is situated on a small peninsula 36 km to the northeast of Bourgas and 430 km to the east of Sofia. Its beach is regarded to be the best along the Black Sea coast. Astonishing dunes make the coast quite picturesque. The green copses by the sandy strips provide a cool breath of air during the hot days. Nessebar originates from the time when Thracian fishermen made a settlement that was named Menabryia, which meant the town of Mena (the founder of the settlement). In the 6th century BC Nesebar was a colony of the Megarus tribe from ancient Greece, immigrants from Byzantium and Kalhedon. The Greeks named it Messembria and transformed it into a big and well-fortified town-state with natural protection both from the sea and the land. It was unique with its water mains, a system of sewers, fortified walls, amphitheatre and numerous cult buildings the most famous of which was the temple of Apollo. It became a commercial centre and loads of goods from the Aegean and the Mediterranean regions were carried there for commerce. The excavated objects prove that there was a brisk trade with the ancient world.