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Bulgaria hotels Kardjali river property for sale in BulgariaKardjali is a charming town in the heart of the Eastern Rhodopes. Three millennia it was a cradle of different civilization and cultures. One this land have met Thracians, Hellenes and Romans, Slaves and Proto – Bulgarians, Byzantines and Latines. Kardjali is situated in the most South-Eastern part of the country – with rolling and very folded relief, soft transitional Mediterranean climate and natural resources. At a distance of 20km. from town Kardzhali is situated one of the remarkable Bulgarian monuments – Perperikon. According to the scientist it is an unique Thracians Castle, dated from 5-th to 4-th century c.B.C. The monument is impressive by its enormous long, 30m. in wide and 8m. in height; There are 15 separated rooms, skilful cut into the rock - the throne-room, leaving rooms, corridor and stairs.