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Bulgaria hotels Gabrovo property for sale in BulgariaGabrovo is an attractive tourist centre for its clear mountain air, historical, ethnographical and cultural monuments. The region of Gabrovo is considered to be one of the most ecologically sustainable areas of Bulgaria, confirmed by the rich flora and fauna. Some of the best hunting trophies in Europe such as bear and red deer can be found in the region. The town of Gabrovo itself is an important centre of electronic engineering, food processing, textile and shoe production. It has a rich cultural life, too - a lot of theatrical, musical and folklore professional groups, a puppet-show, pantomime theatre, Gabrovo chamber orchestra, etc. The tourists can visit the Historical Museum, the Art Gallery and the National Museum of Education. But the most attractive part of Gabrovo are the older quarters, lying beyond the Igoto Bridge on both sides of the River Iantra which carves through the long town centre. A statue of Gabrovo′s legendary sixteenth-century founder, Racho the Blacksmith, stands on a rock in the river.