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Bulgaria hotels Elhovo property for sale in BulgariaThe town of Elhovo is situated in the southeast part of Bulgaria. It is very well positioned between the most attractive coastal and mountain resorts in Bulgaria and extremely close to Turkey and its resorts. Elhovo is situated in the centre of the Elhovo Field (100-150 m above the sea level) and is surrounded by the slanting slopes of the Manastir and Dervent Elevations and Stranja Mountain. The state boundary with Turkey passes about 30 km to the south-east of the town. The Tounja River passes through the low-mountain range in the south part, separating the Dervent Elevations from the Sakar Mountain. The river forms a picturesque canyon between them. Its steep valleys and beautiful windings make the region immensely attractive. 21 970 people live in the Elhovo municipality, including 13 244 people in the town of Elhovo, who constitute 60.28% of the municipality′s total population.