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Bulgaria hotels DEVIN is thirty-four kilometres west of Shiroka Laka,  190 km away from Sofia, 45km away from Smolian and 110km away from Plovdiv. Devin is very famous because it is a balneology resort with many curative mineral springs, suitable for a wide range of diseases. Devin is a pleasant enough town in a bowl between rugged mountain ranges, but there′s little to do other than enjoy the warm pool and baths at the various spa hotels in theis small charming town. The posibilities for hiking in the region are are unlimited. Aside from a mosque and a church, the other official sight is a display of Rhodope folklore in the museum on the main square (officially openned Mon-Fri). There are regular buses connecting Devin with Smolyan and Pamporovo, passing through Shiroka Laka en route.