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Bulgaria hotels Byala property for sale in BulgariaByala is situated on the beautiful Black Sea coast, with a population of 2330 people. The town of Byala is a small traditional Bulgarian settlement located between Varna and Bourgas International Airports which makes it a preferable and easy to reach tourist destination. Famous for crystal blue sea and sandy beaches, and its thriving wine industry, Byala is becoming a much sought after residential area. Only 50 km south from the Bulgarian Sea capital Varna and lying just 80 km north of the town of Bourgas, its panoramic views make it the perfect spot for a flexible holiday or for wise investors. During the last few years Biala have developed very fast and at the moment it is a desired vacation spot for many tourists in the summer. There are many factors that determine this such as the town’s good location, the 6 km long beach with very fine sand which is 10 to 50 meters wide. There are many beaches in the vicinity, some of them still virgin and unknown for most of the people.