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Bulgaria hotels Borovets property for sale in BulgariaBorovets is the biggest international mountain resort in Bulgaria. It is located at 1350 above the sea level (with highest pistes at 2600 m), on the Northern slopes of Rila mountain among age-old pine woods, at the foot of Mousala peak (2925 m) the highest one on the Balkan peninsula. Borovets is easily accessible, being at a distance of 70 km from Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria) and 126 km from Plovdiv. The nearest town is Samokov (10 km from the resort). Borovets was developed into a modern ski resort of high class with luxury hotels, restaurants, discos, shops and of course a good choice of pistes and lifts. Borovets is a resort of Alpine type and provides very good conditions for snowsports durng the winter: skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon, ski-doo, etc.