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Bulgaria hotels Bansko property for sale in BulgariaBansko is the leading ski resort of Bulgaria. In year 2003 the skiing area of Bansko has been improved significantly with brand new lifts. The total investment in the resort′s new skiing area is approx. 100 million euros. Bansko has the best snow record among all ski resort of Bulgaria, offers great skiing and busy Apres ski life. It combines the nature of Pirin mountain with the atmosphere of the old Bulgarian towns. Bansko ski resort is situated in South-Western part of Bulgaria at the foot of one of the most beautiful Bulgarian mountains - Pirin, which represents a natural preserve and is included in the World Natural Heritage list. The distance between Sofia and Bansko is 170 km. The nearest International Airport is the one in Sofia. Transfer time from Sofia to Bansko is 2,5 hours. The town of Bansko is located on 925 m. above the sea level, while its skiing area is at 2000-2500 m above sea level. A brand new Gondola starting from the town is taking the skiers and boarders The skiing conditions in Bansko are excellent.