Properties in BulgariaSvilengrad property for sale in BulgariaThe town of Svilengrad is situated in the southern part of Bulgaria, close to the border with Turkey and Greece. It is an administrative centre of Svilengrad municipality which consists of 24 settlements: the town of Svilengrad and 23 villages. The municipality lies on the slopes of Sakar and Rhodopi mountains and in Thracian lowlands. The climate is mild, Mediterranean. There is a great variety of vegetation and potentialities to grow different sorts of cereals and crops. The Maritsa River, which runs through the territory, plays an important role in the development of the municipality and the town. The picturesque countryside, mild climate, rich vegetation and water basin as well as some lovely state cottages play a great role in the development of mountain, rural and hunting tourism. Svilengrad originated in the XV century near the ruins of the Thracian-Roman settlement of Burdenis. Till 1913 it was famous for its numerous shops and small inns. During the Inter Allied Powers War the town was burnt out. After its reconstruction a lot of Bulgarians from adjoining villages settled here.