Properties in BulgariaShabla property for sale in BulgariaShabla is situated in the northern part of the Black Sea coast and is famous for its clean and beautiful beaches. Its population 4,451 people.The city is only 24 km away from the Bulgarian-Romanian border and 66 km away from the country′s third largest city, Varna and 536 km north-west of Sofia. It was officially proclaimed a city in 1969. Shabla used to be an ancient Thracian settlement, then a Greek colony and later on the Roman town of Karia with a harbour was built in the vicinity of cape Shabla. In early Byzantine time, trade and crafts underwent brisk development. In later times the town fell into decay and only the fishing settlement was left. Apart from fishing and the crafts related to the sea, the town is also known for its agricultural production. The archaeological excavations on the cape of Shabla are the most interesting sights for the visitors to the town. The foundations of an ancient Roman fortress are clearly visible: and although it was tiny in size, it was an important trading centre and a connection to the other harbours on the Black Sea coast.