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I travel with this company every time and am impressed with the service. They are always correct and come on time! I will use your services in the future! Stanislav Kablanov2024-12-03

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Semi-integrated campers are those with a driver’s cab partially integrated into the living space. In this case the driver’s seats rotates 180 degree and becomes а part of the living room. Semi-integrated campers are fully equipped with everything needed and they are suitable for driving in winter conditions, although some heat gets lost towards the driver’s cab. They are good for up to 4 people and are perfect choice for couples or smaller families. Compared to the Alkoven and the Integrated camper the semi-integrated camper has less fuel consumption, but the same level of comfort. The advantages of the semi-integrated motorhomes are as follows:
- low driver’s cab, familiar feeling on the road
- lower fuel consumption
- lots of room and storage for up to 4 people
- winter proof, with some heat loss in the driver’s cab

Delivery fee applies.
  • Cross-border camper rental from Pazardjik is due upon camper collection request
  • Pazardjik camper hire rates are TOTAL per day, and include VAT
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