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Black Sea hotelsThe Bulgarian Black Sea coast is abundant of natural resources and favorable throughout the year recreational climate. This is a predominant factor for the tourism development along the coast. Motoroads offers beach apartment rentals in almost every beach resort on the Black Sea coast - Sunny Beach, Varna, Bourgas, Sozopol. The apartment rentals we offer are a much cheaper alternative to the expensive hotel rates, but offer the same standard of amenities and facilities - fully equipped kitchen, contemporary furnishment, outdoor swimming pools, fitness and spa facilities.

Beach apartment rental  - Black SeaThe Bulgarian Black Sea coast is still a magnet for hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and foreign visitors. The vast tourist complexes built to attract West European package tourists still do good business, Bulgarians are taking more holidays here than ever before, and the Englishmen, Russians, Poles, Germans Czechs who descended on Bulgaria's seaside towns in the Communist beginning to return. Private enterprise has taken off here quicker than where else in Bulgaria, and the wealth of bars, restaurants and seaside ladies offering rooms lends the area a vibrant quality that much of inland Bulgaria lacks.

Sunny Beach apartment rental  - Black SeaMany continue to think of the Bulgarian coast in terms of its big oriented complexes, the largest of which have discouragingly ersatz names like Sunny Beach and Golden Sands and are correspondingly characterless you arrive. Newer resorts like Albena have a more varied range of hotels and activities, and the most recent "holiday villages" such as Elenite compare favorably with villa settlements in the Mediterranean. Holidays in such places are cheap and beaches are clean, but none of these purpose-built resorts much of what the Black Sea is really about - and they are sited sufficiently far away from centers of population to prevent you from finding out for yourself. Independent travellers should stick to the main seaside towns, where private rooms are plentiful, family-run guesthouses are on the increase, and out-of-town beaches are easy to reach on foot or by bus.
Varna apartment rental  - Black SeaThe ideal base for exploring northern coast is the Riviera town of Varna, which, after Sofia and Plovdiv, is Bulgaria's most animated metropolis. North of Varna crumbling rock formations and imposing cliffs characterize the coast around Balchik and Kaliakra, while to the south lie quieter seaside backwaters and the Longoza, a dense riverine forest that lines the lower banks of the River Kamchiya.

Bourgas apartment rental  - Black SeaControlling access to the southern half of the Black Sea coast is the rough-edged trawler port of Burgas, far outshone by the historic peninsula towns immediately north and south - old Greek fishing villages like Sozopol and Nesebar, the latter noted for its ruined Byzantine churches, and swarming wit visitors in the summer. The coast beyond Sozopol and the Turkish border offer a succession of glorious white sand beaches and a wide variety of flora and fauna, ranging from the near-tropical forest around the River Ropotamo wildfowl-infested marshes. Numerous local museums recall the Greek settler who colonized the area six centuries before the birth of Christ.

Nessebar apartment rental  - Black SeaThe Black Sea coast is governed by the seasons. The tourist season runs from late May to late September, and is at its height in August, when transport and accommodation are overburdened. It's difficult to find private rooms at this time, but you shouldn't find yourself stranded without a bed for the night if you persistently ask around; solo travellers, however, may be asked to pay double rates or share with a stranger, as owners are loath to lose money. From October to April the coast can be freezing cold, and a number of hotels close down entirely. Outside Varna and Burgas, many museums and tourist attractions open only during the summer, and hours become erratic as tourist numbers begin to slack-en off in October.

However you travel, your likely point of arrival on the coast will be either Varna or Bourgas, from where buses can take you to the smaller towns and resorts. It's also possible to travel on from Bulgaria to destinations elsewhere in the Black Sea regions, with buses and ferry trips to Istanbul, and seasonal bus services to Odessa and Kiev.

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