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Caving in Bulgaria is an opportunity to experience a natural environment unlike any other in the surface world. There are about 4620 caves found in Bulgaria by now and each of them has a specific history. Most of them are explored and  approachable for visit. Traces of pre-historical life has been found in many caves.  Seven of the caves in Trigrad region are with pre-historical life (4300 BC). The beauty of the numerous stalagmites, stalactites, dentrites, and water pools make the Trigrad caves a favorite spot for many tourists.

3-Day caving tour in Rhodope moutains

Tour itinerary: The suggested itinerary offers you a visit to some of the most interesting caves in Rhodope mountains. The itinerary also includes penetrating  of Haramiiska cave - one in a life time experience to remember.

Day1: Transfer from Sofia/airport to village of Trigrad.
Accommodation in a 2-star authentic Rhodope house - cozy atmosphere, private WC.

Day2: After breakfast, visit to the Devil's throat cave, followed by penetrating the Haramiiska cave - climbing 20m up the cliffs and descending 43m into the big hall of the cave, which is 160m long, and 60m high. If some of the participants do not feel comfortable with penetrating the Haramiiska cave they can visit places of interest in the region or to participate in diffrent outdoor activities - hiking, horseback riding, biking, etc.

Day3: After breakfast, visit to the Yagodina cave - the longest and most interesting cave on the Balkan peninsula. In the afternoon, departure to Sofia.

Tour dates:  From May to the end of October

Tour quota: Min 2 - max 14 participants

Tour level: Beginners to intermediate

Food arrangements: Breakfasts is included in the tour package. Lunch and dinner can be arranged upon request. All meals, if scheduled include traditional Bulgarian food, which is not much different from the European cuisine. All lunch meals are "to go".

Tour includes:

  • An English speaking guide/driver

  • Two competent speleologists/guides

  • All the necessary equipment

  • Transfer Sofia - Village of Trigrad - Sofia
  • 2-night stay in two-star hotel in Trigrad
  • 2 breakfasts
  • All entrance fees

    Tour price:  Group 2-4 adults: 159 EURO per person
                     Group 5-8 adults: 149 EURO per person
      Group 9-14 adults: 139 EURO per person
                     *share double or triple room

  • The Devil's Throat cave

    is 300 000 years old. Its total length is 1km, and the length of the improved route is 350m. In this cave you can find the biggest cascade of waterfalls on the Balkan peninsula, with a total height of 60m. According to the legend this is the place where Orpheus went down into the kingdom of the spectres, in search of his beloved Euridica. You can go for an exciting river-boat trip into the dark Devil's ass - at the back of the cave.

    Yagodina cave

    is another interesting cave to be discovered in the region. This is the longest cave on the Balkan peninsula (10km). It is located in the canyon valley of the river Buinovska 2 km to the west of the village of Yagodina. One who dares to explore these caves will be rewarded with a once in a lifetime experience. The cave is of karst type and it is five stories tall, with many labyrinths and abysses inside. Part of the cave is electrified and reveals mysterious formations: draperies, pipe-like stalactites, cave pearls, leopard skin and many hanging stalactites. Some of the formations inside resemble the well-known Santa Claus, Snow-White and The Seven Dwarfs, Virgin Mary and her newborn child, Elephant, and some characters from the Bulgarian culture and tradition. The New Year's hall is of great interest too.

    Magura cave

    is 2500 meters long and is one of the biggest Bulgarian caves. The cave can be found 32 km of the town of Belogradchik in the northwest part of the country. The cave is electrified and accommodated for tourists. This cave is famous for its Picture Gallery -  2800 years old paintings showing hunting scenes, dance scenes and love scenes in separate groups. Some individual motives show bears, deer and birds. The paintings are made with guano. There are many halls, some of which vast and adorned with beautiful rock formations - Hall of Triumph with a small lake, Gallery of Drawings, more than 300 m long, and others. In the cave there have been found remnants of pre-historic life, traces of settlements dating back to the early Bronze Age and early Iron Age - ceramics, tools and rock drawings.
    Latest archaeological excasvations show Magura Cave has been inhabited by Thracian tribes for centuries during the Bronze age. The first chamber, the Triumphal Hall, was a settlement for many people. There are also finds of the Iron Age, especially ceramic remains. A small museum inside the cave shows the artifacts found in this cave. At the place of today's artificial lake was a small natural lake, always full of water, even during dry years. A grave of a young girl, buried during the Roman times, as the legend says, was discovered on a high platform at the end of the hall. The crossed arms of the skeleton and the two bronze bracelets indicate, that the funeral might be of Early Christian age.

    Ledenika cave

    Located in Vratsa mountain, 16 km west of the town of Vratsa, the cave is approximately 300 m in length and it is electrified. Ledenika is very cold cave and during winter time the entrance area contains lots of icicles, therefore the cave is called Ledenika ( Glacier ). There are 10 halls, ornate with stalactites, stalagmites, rock draperies and waterfalls. The biggest room is called The Concert Hall, and it is one of the largest among the Bulgarian caves. Several concerts and performances has been held in there.  The cave is beautiful all the year round, but in winter when icicle and clubs, thick columns and gentle stalactite start growing in the Antechamber and the Little Hall, it is really enchanting. You can climb to the Fridge and then go to the Font - a marvelous little sinter lake. Then comes the Little Chasm and the Big Chasm with the splendid white waterfall and the Draperies - rust-coloured formations, fine and gentle, falling from the ceilings. You come into a gallery after gallery of multi-coloured stalactites.  Two huge columns form the so-called Sinners' Pass that leads to the White Hall. It is up to your imagination - one sees bathing woman, another one - Indian dancer and her hand with rings and bracelets. Here is the grape that cannot rape for thousand of years. The upper part is the so-called Seven Heaven, and the Little Hall can be reached only by the best pot-holers.

    Discover Bulgaria - the best kept secret of the Balkans !



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