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6-Day Beginner's Paragliding course

You are burning of desire to fly. Paragliding is probably the easiest, cheapest and safest way to fulfill your dreams but some basic training is needed to make it such.

The main purpose of our beginner's course is to prepare the future paragliding pilots for unsupervised and safe flying. The close contact with their instructor will help them to overcome some natural fears like height and motion.

People are different and their progress in paragliding varies but our 6 days training program is flexible and personalized to fit most of them. The weather is also a key factor for all kind of aviation but in most cases you should expect the following training program:

   Day 1: basic theory of aerodynamics and paraglider's construction; practicing of Parachute Landing Fall; introduction to paragliding equipment and checks; ground practicing of take off, controlling and landing a paraglider; first flights from the training hill.

   Day 2: 5-10* top to bottom flights from the training hill: forward launch, learning to control the glider in the air and attempt a landing approach; more theory of aerodynamics and introduction to micrometeorology.

   Day 3: 10-15 top to bottom flights from the training hill: forward reversed launch; better control and landings; more theory of aerodynamics and rules of the air.

   Day 4: a tandem flight with your instructor from the high mountain; instruction of reserve parachute use; first big solo flights: building sense of height, speed and distance; performing real landing approaches.

   Day 5: 2-4 solo flights from the high mountain; improving the landing approaches and correcting the mistakes; introduction to collapses: recognizing and recovery; more theory of micrometeorology.

   Day 6: 2-4 solo flights from the high mountain; improving the landing approaches, correcting mistakes and adding more elements to active and safe flying.

The Beginner's course corresponds to the international FAI/ParaPro 1, the UK BHPA/ElementaryPilot or the German DHV/ After the successful completition of the course you can obtain FAI/ParaPro1 licence from SkyNomad Club, the BHPA/EP or the DHV/ licence from our partners in UK and Austria.

After the completion of beginner's course the pilots can fly unsupervised and confident from safe sites and conditions. Discovering new flying sites and weather conditions can still be dangerous and we recommend you to look for advise from local and experienced pilots (they probably won't refuse buying them a beer in the pub in the evening or offering them a transport to the flying site :-) or your local flying instructor (if available).

From this moment you have three further ways to paragliding:
1. To make 30-40 and more high flights from safe sites in safe conditions and go to intermediate training course (best).
2. To enroll directly to intermediate training course (good)
3. To discover the rest yourself and/or advised by books and other fellow pilots (sweet but risky and slow)

Course Price
:530 Euro (inclusive of equipment, bed&breakfast, transfers) / 440 EUR (6-day school only inclusive of equipment)

* The number of your flights depends on the judgment of your instructor, your progress and the cooperation of the weather. All flights are made by the supervision and radio guidance of your instructor and no previous experience is needed!

Paragliding Training in Bulgaria